Li Fangping into see Wu Yuren on Monday, Jan 10th

Lawyer Li Fangping is planning to visit Wu Yuren on Monday, January 1oth at 9:30am, to see how he is doing and to check and confirm if he has indeed received any of the holiday greeting cards, that so many friends and folks from around the world have mailed in. Let’s see what the outcome is. Stay tuned.

As for the when the trial is to resume, or whatever, we are still not sure.

In the meantime, I read and totally recommend those who are interested in the REAL China to read the book by Washington Post Correspondent, Philip Pan, called, “OUT OF MAO”S SHADOW”. It helped me to get a context on what has happened to Wu and to see that there is a systematic pattern to the way that the Chinese government ‘silences’ those who even try to open their mouth to speak a word of dissent. Great read. Hard read.

Happy 2011!


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