“Holiday Postcard Campaign” for Wu Yuren – call for action!

Many people have been asking me how they can help WU Yuren while he is in
detention waiting the re-opening of his trial, which was adjourned on November
17th, 2010 in Beijing due to flawed/tampered evidence submitted by the Police
Station. Well, yesterday I spoke with his lawyer, and he suggested a “Holiday
Postcard Campaign”, which works like this;

1. Choose a card, write his name and your name (I suggest you use a fake name);
2. Write the address of the detention Center and his name on the outside of the
3. Send!

The post office/authorities will not be able to trace back to you, no problem.
Use a fake address for you, if you want, too.

According to the lawyer, this is a very common campaign around this time of year
to not only communicate with inmates, but to show the guards/detention center
staff/authorities that their loved ones have not been forgotten. Overwhelm them, in a sense. Your
participation would be greatly appreciated.

Beijing City, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang Criminal Detention Center
#29 Chaoyang Beilu, ATTENTION: WU Yuren

Thank you for your kind support and understanding, especially as we near the
holidays and our 6 year old daughter, Hannah, has not seen him since May 30th,
2010 – the authorities won’t let us visit until after his sentence begins,
probably close to Spring Festival.

Feel free to pass on to others.

Karen Patterson


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