I SEE YOU SEE ME – How I feel these days – by Karen Patterson


Not long ago

We saw each other

Laughing, chatting, bragging, connecting

A sense of normalcy



You heard the news, read the story, felt the vine

Her life, a wreck

Like an upside-down cake

You are sorry for her, almost embarrassed



We meet, perhaps on the street

I see you see me

Not sure what to say, not sure how to act

Awkward silences engulf us


I see you

I talk to you? I run from you, turn away?

But I want a hug, need to be held, tell me everything is ok

Don’t get it, I hope you never do

But wait, it’s me, not a freak


You see me

Turn, walk away, avoidance

Mouth opens, nothing comes out, gape

Silence through the eyes. contact

God, I don’t envy her




Couldn’t have happened

To a nicer



But it did

I don’t blame you

After all, It’s his fault

He is the crim




Relationship changes


Betwixt and Between

A chasm now exists



Most important

Parental responsibility?

Tears, fears

Baba, I miss you.


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