Beijing City Officials Letter Writing Campaign – finished!

Today I finished of the 5 letters to the Beijing City Government Officials, a project which was highly recommended by lawyer LI Fangping. So, via EMS, the following Chinese Government officials will be receiving a letter outlining the case of WU Yuren, in both English and Chinese:

1. LIU Qi – Party Chief of Beijing City (in fact, this letter was sent a month ago, and of course, no direct response…)

2. GUO Jinlong – Mayor of Beijing City

3. DU Deyin – Standing Committee of Chinese Parliament

4. YANG Anjing – Chairman, Political Consultative Conference

5. MA Zhipeng – Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

I am not expecting a response. But, we feel that they have been made aware, as they have ‘pushed’ through Dawu’s case, from arrest to prosecution, in a very short time … also, now on two occasions, the guards/police have instructed Dawu to inform the lawyer to inform me to keep quiet, and not make such a racket about this ‘small’ incident. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill. Oh, really?



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2 responses to “Beijing City Officials Letter Writing Campaign – finished!

  1. Not to confuse you, but this post should have been launched on to the blog a few months ago, but was somehow lost in the drafts box. Sorry!

  2. one can argue that it can go both ways

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