More of what was fundamentally wrong with the Video – Nov 17th, trial

Silly me, too busy, I forgot to mention an important part of the reason why the video was so lame: it was heavily edited, meaning there were parts missing from the beginning, and end, and it has been edited in the middle. Hence, LFP’s request to see the original tape.

At one point during the second break of 5 mins, LFP discusses the video in terms of how it may have been ‘tampered’ with the prosecution across the courtroom from him. LFP is clear to point to some obvious reasons as to why he believes that it has been tampered, with the prosecution responding as if he isn’t quite convinced. Jeez, it was so obviously edited ….

Why did LFP think there was footage missing from the beginning? The video begins in the middle of an argument or such, because the words spoken by Wu and Liu Dawei immediately after the tape begins relate to something said or done previous, that is obvious when you view the tape. Where is that footage?


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