The Day Before the Trial …

Tomorrow is Dawu’s day in court. November 17, 2010 at 9:30 am, at the Wenyuhe Criminal Court House. Today I am preparing as much as I can, but how to do that exactly, I am not sure.

This morning was visited by Global TV (Canada) with Barry for an interview in my studio, telling  the story from my perspective. Talked also and showed how I have been using a bit of social media to promote this story of injustice. Not that Dawu is one of a kind, in fact, quite the opposite, as many Chinese citizens find themselves on the wrong side of the law each year in China, and many have no voice. So, lets use Dawu’s story to speak for those who don’t have a voice, but have perhaps experienced a similar or worse fate.

The good news from AP wire service this morning is that they found the video coverage of the march on Chang’an avenue back in February, 2010. That is great news, as it seems to be hard to locate … perhaps with the interview today with AP and the Chang’an avenue footage that many other networks / publications will pick it up.

For those who are coming tomorrow for support, a huge thanks in advance. I am not sure what to expect myself as I have not heard back from the court as to whether they have accepted my application to join on the trial. Crazy. So, will show up with my passport.




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3 responses to “The Day Before the Trial …

  1. Chen Wu

    He married an imperialist. After what they have done to China, he deserves whatever he gets.

    • Hmm, you don’t even know me, how can you assume I am an imperialist? You obviously don’t buy any imports, eat at Mc Donalds/KFC, or enjoy major international events such as the Olympics … perhaps you have isolated yourself away from any medium size to large city in China, live in a cave, as you clearly don’t see “after what they have done to China”? In fact, blaming me for actions done not my government (Canada was not in China in the 1840s with those who participated in the Opium Wars, etc) is ridiculous, and I refuse to buy into your “western man’s guilt”. Furthermore, any recent developments in China – be they economical, social, legal, or environmental – are based on decisions and actions of YOUR government, not mine. Have a great day.

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