Court Date for Wu Cometh Upon Us Soon-ish???

Today I received a call from a Ms. WANG, from the Chaoyang District Court, asking if I was the wife of Wu Yuren, and if I am familiar with the fact that he is being charged with beating a cop. Hmm, yes to the first one, no-ish to the second one, or at least I don’t agree with the ‘charge’. But, that’s beside the point, when is the trial?


She asked if Wu had a lawyer, and if his lawyer could reach her by phone at the number she called me on. I said yes, and then asked when the court date is and she answered that that is what she needs to discuss with the lawyer.


I called the lawyer immediately and gave him the number for Ms. Wang, and he responded by saying that he called the court office a milion times last week and not able to reach anyone. Lo and behold, I get the direct call. Whatever.


So, fingers crossed that a court date will be set soon. Let’s just hope that it is open and allows for more than just the lawyer and myself … I have a wish list of attendees, and goes something like this in order of importance:


Wu’s Lawyer




media – Canadian media first, then others

Embassy reps from all over Beijing

Other Western lawyer friends/colleagues in China

HR persons in Beijing


Family, Friends and colleagues


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